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What is the ecoversity?


Spring season: East Timor - towards peace, prosperity and self-determination, September 23 to December 17, and the East Timorese Youth Ambassador Project. With an exhibition of work by Melbourne artist, Jeff Stewart, Night visions: images from a tourist in East Timor.

Other events in 1992 included workshops with Dave Hicks, Guy Claxton, and Christine Chinkin.


Autumn initiative: Let Them Speak tour of North America by East Timorese youth ambassadors, accompanied by ITF co-ordinator, Merrill Findlay. This tour was facilitated by ITF as part of the Timorese Youth Ambassador project, 1992-93.

Spring season: National sustainability forums - August 3 to September 21. Essays based on presentations from this season were published as Cappuccino Papers.


Autumn season: Challenges to sustainability, with the launch of Violence to non-violence: prints from The Peace Project by William Kelly.

Winter season:Models for sustainability

Spring season: Sustainable cities.

Other events in 1994 included Women and Reconciliation.


Autumn season: Health and wellbeing - self, community, planet

Winter season: Transcending boundaries - globalism, regionalism, localism, personalism

Spring season: The future of work


Autumn:What's good urban design? The ecoversity goes to the ballroom at the George Hotel, Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, with Victoria's response to the Prime Minister's Urban Design Taskforce Report.


The ecoversity goes to Hungary and Romania.


Museum Victoria acquires the ecoversity fittings, forum tapes and associated material. ITF's archives 1989-2000 deposited with the State Library of Victoria.

See also Re-imagining your neighbourhood and Redreaming the plain.


ITF celebrates its fifteenth anniversary with a special double issue of Futures journal on the future of Australia, featuring papers by ecoversity speakers and people associated with Imagine The Future Inc. More >> . And more >>

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